Muralist meliorates Mahoning

Mural on drive-in buildingPennsylvania muralist Christian Egbert has a business plan that seems to work for everyone. Egbert paints a mural on a local business for just the cost of materials, and then gets commissions from some of the folks who are impressed when they see his work.

That’s a very quick summary of the entertaining story published today in the Reading Eagle. The part we care about appears halfway down the article. Egbert met someone from the Mahoning Drive-In at a flea market a few months ago, and the result was a gorgeous mural that covers the projection building there. It takes a few clicks in the slide show, but you can eventually see what a great match that artwork is for a night under the stars.

According to the Eagle, “The drive-in’s new owner, Jeff Mattox, covered the cost of the supplies, but Egbert donated his work. In exchange, the artist was given space to sell paintings at the drive-in.” For more details, you know you ought to go read it!

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