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Video: Uncanny Tribute To Mountain View’s Monte Vista

Still no news, so here’s another retro video to share. Made way back in 2009, this was some seriously strong computer-based 3D modeling, made as a tribute to a long-gone Mountain View CA landmark, the Monte Vista Drive-In, which was open from 1950 through 1978. (Not to be confused with the still-active┬áStar Drive-In in Monte…

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Video: Joplin’s Former Drive-In In The Round

While we wait for some real drive-in news to pop up again, I wanted to share this weird little slice of drive-in history. In Joplin MO, the Mini Art Theater showed movies using the Autoscope system, patented by┬áTom Smith of Urbana MO, about 120 miles away. Using mirrors, the movie was delivered to a circle…

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Video: In Prescott AZ, The Sign Stays Alive

In little Prescott AZ, about halfway between Phoenix and Flagstaff, some folks there really love their old drive-in sign. It’s for the Senator (named for the Senator Highway it fronts), which opened in 1950 and lasted until at least the 1980s. Since this is dry Arizona, structures tend to remain in place until something or…

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