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I-70 Won’t Reopen In 2019

The Kansas City Star recently reported that the I-70 Drive-In has closed permanently, according to an email from the drive-in’s owners. Just a few years ago, I wrote that its future was uncertain, but that was before it invested in digital projection. Normally, that’s a clear sign that the drive-in intends to continue for a…

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Restoration Underway at Colorado Drive-In

Thanks to a tip from the proprietor of Roadside Architecture, I found out today that an iconic Colorado drive-in marquee is being restored. The Center (CO) Post Dispatch reported that the sign for the old Frontier west of town will be the most visible part of a larger project that also includes maintaining the existing…

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Video: Uncanny Tribute To Mountain View’s Monte Vista

Still no news, so here’s another retro video to share. Made way back in 2009, this was some seriously strong computer-based 3D modeling, made as a tribute to a long-gone Mountain View CA landmark, the Monte Vista Drive-In, which was open from 1950 through 1978. (Not to be confused with the still-active Star Drive-In in Monte…

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