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Peoria drive-in gets zoning okay

The odd saga of the Peoria IL drive-in that was set up in the parking lot of an indoor movie theater has taken another positive turn. reports that the Peoria Zoning Commission has approved a permit to allow the drive-in to take up permanent residence there. The commission suggested that the site improve its…

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US 23 had fun, eventful summer

There are too many details and quotes and neat stuff about the US 23 Drive-In (Flint MI) from this Flint Journal article for me to summarize, so you ought to go read it. The 23’s general manager said the biggest draw of the summer was Ice Age 4, partly because it came out when he…

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Ontario drive-ins are thriving after conversion

The Hamilton Spectator reports on the Starlite Drive-In (Hamilton ON) and other Ontario drive-ins that are doing great after pouring lots of cash into digital projection equipment. Brian Allen, head of the company that owns the Starlite and more Ontario drive-ins, says that 2012 has been one of their best years ever, and that business…

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