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New Drive-In Opening Soon in Maine

There’s great news from Farmington ME this week. According to the Franklin Sun Journal, the Farmington Planning Board gave its approval to a new Big Sky Drive-In adjacent to the Narrow Gauge Cinema in town. It’s a darned good thing the board went along because, as the photos here and in the Sun Journal story…

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June 8: Falconwood, Bellevue NE

It’s Day 159 of my virtual Drive-In-a-Day Odyssey. I doubled back from Newton IA, zooming west for two and a half hours on I-80 to the Falconwood in Bellevue NE, just south of Omaha. This drive-in launched in what was Sokol Park in June 2016. (They changed their name sometime over the intervening winter.) Although they probably weren’t thinking about…

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