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Greenville NY Hosts All-Electric Night

In upstate New York, the Capital District Electric Vehicle Drivers group organized what it believes to be the first all-electric car drive-in night on August 28. They held it at the Greenville Drive-In Outdoor Cinema, in Greenville of course, on what would have been an idle Tuesday night for the theater. Michael Kamm wrote about organizing…

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Flea Market Company Buys The Rubidoux

United Flea Markets, whose flagship location is a literal stone’s throw from the 88 Drive-In Theater in Commerce City CO, bought its first drive-in theater this week. According to a story in FleaMarketZone, the new acquisition is the Rubidoux Drive-In Theatre of Riverside CA. According to that story, which reads a lot like a press…

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Video: North Carolina Drive-In History

Now that another hurricane has come and gone, my thoughts linger on North Carolina. Of course, WTVD’s thoughts always linger there, since it’s Raleigh’s News Leader. And a couple of weeks ago, before Florence passed through, WTVD ran an article about some of the recently closed drive-ins of the state, along with a discussion of…

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