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Perceptive and long-time readers of this blog know that we use a lot of video here. And a lot of that video comes from local TV stations when they report on their nearby drive-in theaters. Short of being there, there’s no better way to experience the current state of a drive-in than its video report. A fair number of local TV stations with embeddable video use a service provided by For some reason, this blog is uniquely alergic to Worldnow-based video. I’ve reached out to Worldnow to see if they can tell me what I’m doing wrong, or tell me a neat trick to fix it here, or maybe even change what they’re doing to act friendlier with blogs such as this one.

The main example I’m using is from a recent report by KLJB, the Quad Cities’ news leader, about its local drive-ins that didn’t win a projector from Honda’s Project Drive-In. Under the hood, the JavaScript code provided by KLJB and Worldnow sets a width of 630 pixels. Carload’s body column is 620 pixels. And for some reason, the result is a window showing only the leftmost 300 pixels of the video. If it had truncated 10 pixels, that would be understandable, but this is just odd. And the same thing happens with every Worldnow video I’ve tried.

The workaround that I’ve been using has been to modify the JavaScript to give me a 300-pixel video instead, then use that like a graphic within the story. Here’s the most recent example post referencing KLTV, Tyler TX’s news leader. I’ve also attached it to this paragraph to give you an idea of its size and to show that even with these modified videos, it’s tricky to get them to line up right.

Putting both of these on one page shows another oddity – the second video’s title shows up as the title to the otherwise unchanged first video. In my experience, Worldnow videos really don’t like sharing a page with each other. That’s not a problem on a page devoted to a single topic, but on a typical blog page containing a dozen topics, that kind of “collision” isn’t uncommon.

It would be a lot better for everyone involved if Worldnow and Carload can find a way to get along better. Let’s hope for the best and see what happens.

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