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Tiffin’s Field of Dreams Will Restore Neon

In Sunday’s edition of The Advertiser-Tribune of Tiffin OH, neon artist Michael Flechtner is recreating some of the original neon at the Field of Dreams Drive-In, which spent most of its life as the Tiffin. When I last wrote about this Field of Dreams (the original is in Liberty Center), its owners were listed as Rod and Donna Saunders, but…

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TN Church Built Its Own Drive-In

During the winter doldrums, I’m catching up on some of the stories I didn’t get to during the long Drive-In-a-Day Odyssey that took up most of my time last year. One of those is about a church in Scotts Hill TN that illustrates my definition of a drive-in theater. In May 2017, the Cornerstone Church…

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Video: Examining A Drive-In Urban Legend

 Here’s a treat for you to start off the new year. In his documentary short Twisted, Jay Cheel dissects the urban legend that in 1996, a tornado demolished a drive-in screen as it was showing the movie Twister, which included a sequence of a tornado demolishing a drive-in screen. Thanks to Vimeo, you can watch the whole…

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