What is Carload Books?

"Carload Books", known as just plain "carload" on Half and eBay, is just your humble webmaster, trying to make sure that hard-to-find books make their way to the buyers who really want them. And it really helps pay the bills.

If you'd like to browse my eclectic collection of books (and a few videos) for sale, please drop by the Carload Books Amazon.com zShop.

IMPORTANT: If you have any questions, problems, or praise, please send me an email!

Shipping policies: I ship exclusively through the US Postal Service using Stamps.com, which I highly recommend for its convenience and USPS address checking. I send standard shipping packages through USPS Media Mail within one business day of my receipt of an order. I send expedited shipping packages through USPS Priority Mail within one-half business day of my receipt of an order. Media Mail orders are sent in padded envelopes except in those rare cases when they're so large that they required a padded box. Priority Mail orders over one pound are sent in flat-rate envelopes with as much padding as is practical; for small books, this means a padded envelope within the flat-rate envelope, but some large books leave no room for padding.

I use USPS Delivery Confirmation whenever possible. Please note that the USPS is very erratic in recording the progress of packages except upon delivery, so the confirmation number may be unreliable for tracking. It's always available upon request.

Guarantee and return policies: I guarantee all orders for the first 14 days after the buyer receives the package. Anyone may return an order for any reason within that time at the buyer's expense. When I receive the order in the same condition it was sent, I will credit the buyer's account.

If an order arrives in worse condition than advertised, the buyer may return it within 14 days at my expense. Please send me an email so we can work it out.