Bengies owner appeals judge’s ruling

Bengies Drive-in: Baltimore, MDFrom The Baltimore Sun comes the story of Bengies Drive-In (Baltimore MD). It seems that the 56-year-old theater was doing fine until a Royal Farms convenience and grocery store opened nearby, and its lights began to interfere with folks trying to watch the movie. The owner of Bengies sued Royal Farms, and earlier this year, a jury awarded him $838,000, an amount based on what it would cost to erect a 25-foot-high light-blocking stone wall.

But on September 13, a circuit court judge set aside that award, saying that Bengies hadn’t proved that Royal Farms’ light interfered with the operation of the drive-in. Now Bengies is appealing that ruling, adding that it is delaying adding a second screen or digital projection equipment until this is settled. Let’s hope the appeals court gets it right this time!