Midway using Kickstarter to go digital

Midway Drive-In movie screen, Palmyra, IllinoisThe Midway Drive-In (Palmyra IL) is facing the modern problem of needing to buy a digital projector. It’s attempting to solve it with a modern solution: a Kickstarter project. Folks who pledge the right amount of cash will receive rewards such as popcorn and pop (we call it “soda” around here), a t-shirt, admission passes, and semi-private weekday screenings. If you’re a business, you can also just sponsor the Midway’s new projector and get some advertising out of it, but that sounds very old-fashioned.

The horror-movie fans at Dread Central are on board with this project. You might also just swing by the Midway web site to learn more about the place. Stand-up comedy at a drive-in? That’s cool!