Two south Florida drive-ins stay popular

View from the bridge on Lake Ave, Lake WorthTired of all the digital conversion articles? Then you’ll love this piece from the Sun Sentinel, which is a classic example of the “Hey, we still have some drive-ins around, and they are so cool” kind of article. Not one word about that 2013 thing.

There’s a photo of the Swap Shop (Lake Worth) with an amazing amount of background light; can those folks really see the movie? Just to make things confusing, the other drive-in is also called the Swap Shop, but it’s in Lauderhill (according to the article) or Fort Lauderdale (according to Google Maps and The Google Maps link shows the Swap Shop in its midday flea market glory, but check all those long-shadowed screens at the perimeter. Turns out that there are 14 screens at that one location!

Be sure and check out the photo gallery that accompanies the article.