Lots of coverage for the Cottage View’s final weekend

Cottage View marqueeI guess they really did enjoy the Cottage View Drive-In (Cottage Grove MN) in the Twin Cities, because there were all sorts of folks covering its final operating weekend.

KAAL, Austin MN’s news leader, had a short report that included a couple of minutes of video but misspelled Walmart, which will build on the Cottage View site.

The South Washington County Bulletin, Cottage Grove’s hometown newspaper, ran a much longer retrospective with a few photos of the final weekend. One patron joked, “It sounds like a Joni Mitchell song. They paved over a drive-in and put up a Walmart.”

Finally, even Minnesota Public Radio got into the act, talking with the author of a history of Twin Cities cinema. MPR’s audio clip is embedded below. Bye, bye, Cottage View!