Starlight Six is in worshipful spotlight

Starlight Drive-In, AtlantaThe Film Screen Rejects site devoted a recent installment of its Movie House of Worship series on the Starlight Six Drive-In (Atlanta GA). The article presented a thorough rundown of all elements of the Starlight Six, including its history, a few nice old photos, and some personal memories.

“I used to go to the drive-in all the time as a kid,” wrote Christopher Campbell. “My first movie experience was as an infant during the summer of 1977, when my family went to see Star Wars. So, this kind of cinema is very special to me. … Now that I have an infant son, it’s also a great way to get to the movies with my wife … Last night, the kid had his first movie experience. Now, for all his life, Looper will be his Star Wars.”

Campbell writes that the Starlight Six allows patrons to bring their own food, then encourages them to buy from the refreshment stand. That’s the American Way, let that great concession stand food stand or fall on its own quality and price. But when you go to a drive-in, be sure to buy at least a big popcorn and a soda. That’s how to make sure the drive-in stays in business.