Iowa resident thinking of building drive-in

It’s all very preliminary, and it leaves me wondering how little it takes to get on the morning news shows there, but somebody is talking about building a drive-in in Blue Grass IA. Maybe.

According to KWQC, the Quad Cities’ news leader, Randy Lorenz and his wife own nine acres of land on the west side of town, and in 2008, they tried to get the Reel-To-Reel drive-in built there. Except that the land between his property and the road was unavailable, so that stopped that pretty quick.

This year, all Lorenz has to do is to get through planning and zoning and engineering, and then start construction in the spring, with a tentative opening set for mid-summer. With a new name, which he hasn’t decided on. I hope it happens, but for now it looks like just a bucket of ideas.

To find out more about it, you might start with this page that was probably generated by a computer trying to translate the video report. It’s a decent transcription for a computer, but would be pretty bad if it turned out that a high school student was doing it for extra credit. Or you can play this link to the video of the newscast itself, or click the fragile, embedded version above if it’s still in this post. You’ll have to sit through about a minute and a half of welcomes and weather reports to watch the drive-in story.