is all about Alabama’s drive-ins

Blue Moon drive-in screenThe site called, apparently covering all things Alabama, posted a wonderful round-up of the state of the drive-ins there, complete with big scoops of history and a few photos.

To hit the high points of Kelly Kazek’s fine article, the Hatfield was the probably the state’s first drive-in, opening in March 1949. The King Drive-In of Russellville opened a month later, and is Alabama’s oldest living drive-in. There’s a lot of great anecdotal history about others that came and went, and the article concludes with the list of the remaining active drive-ins in the state. They include the 411 (Centre), Argo (Trussville), Blue Moon (Gu-Win), Cinemagic (Athens), Continental (Wicksburg), Harpersville (Harpersville), Henagar (Henagar), King, Sand Mountain Twin (Mountainboro), and Starlite (Anniston). Now go read it!