Cottage View sign finds a new home

Maybe this isn’t a full-fledged happy ending, since the drive-in is still going to be replaced by a Walmart, but the Cottage View of Cottage Grove MN will at least be able to preserve its signature marquee sign.

According to a story in the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, the Cottage View’s sign, along with its screen and film projector, will take up residence at the Little Log House Pioneer Village of Hastings. The sign is expected to be moved within a month.

That sign will need extensive repairs, said Cottage Grove city administrator Ryan Schroeder. “It has not had work done on it for some time. You can see right through it in some places, with the rust holes,” Schroeder said.

The former owner, Gerry Herringer, speculated that the Pioneer Village might use the screen and projection equipment to show movies at least occasionally. “He is saving iconic relics that would have been trashed,” Herringer added. “I am more than happy to give him everything.”

The Pioneer Press article has a lot more about the history of the Cottage View, and even a close-up file photo, so go read it!