Drive Invaders hit Atlanta

There’s a fun, long blog entry in the Saporta Report about a group of drive-in enthusiasts in Atlanta. Last week, a group calling themselves Drive Invaders “gathered to watch ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ at the Starlight Six Drive-In, the last outdoor movie theater in metro Atlanta. Instead of a playground, (ringleader Suellen) Germani and her grown-up movie companions each paid $7 to tailgate in the rain and watch the movie through wet windshields.”

The article explains in lengthy detail the beginnings of the group, including early missteps. “For the first two years we met year round and that was really stupid because it’s really cold in February,” Germani said.

For over a decade, this little band has made it a point to patronize the Starlight Six, partly with the goal of keeping it alive. The article is a lot more fun than I’ve made it sound, so I’ll stop typing so you can just go read it.