Two more PA drive-ins ready to go

Update: Hours after I posted the following, I saw that WHP, Harrisburg’s news leader, had also posted a story about the season opener of the Cumberland Drive-In. We do love our embedded video, so there you go, along with my previous little post, which starts right now…

The Sentinel of Cumberland County PA ran an article this week profiling the owners of two nearby drive-ins. Vicky Hardy is looking forward to installing a digital projector at Haar’s Drive-In (Dillsburg) later this month, and Jay Mowery sees the “necessary evil” of converting the Cumberland Drive-In (Newville) this fall.

Haar’s and the Cumberland were opened “months apart” in 1952. Mowery’s father built the Cumberland. “Our house was on the property,” he said. “Our whole life, growing up, couldn’t be separated from it.”

Hardy is the granddaughter of Vance Haar, a guy who might have preferred to join the circus, “but with a family, he couldn’t have kids and go after that,” Hardy said.

That’s just a quick taste of a lengthy, well-written article about two family-owned drive-ins and their different approaches to inevitable digital conversion. It even includes a few photos. Go read it!