56 Auto Drive-In pulls them in from across the border

Screen being repaired at 56 Auto Drive-InYes, drive-ins are so powerful, they can pull in visitors from other countries. Take as an example the 56 Auto Drive-In of Massena NY. It’s such an attractive draw that it’s featured in an affectionate profile in the Cornwall (Ontario) Seaway News.

Still more good news, one of the owners of the 56 is quoted as saying that it will convert to digital projection in time for the start of the 2014 drive-in season. One note of caution: “bug spray is a prerequisite on a night like this.”

The 56’s web site confirms that the first family waiting in line was from Cornwall. (That site also has a nice set of photos documenting the repair of its screen.)

The lengthy article in the Seaway News includes a nice little video clip of what it looks like from the projection room when the movie gets started, plus a small photo gallery. It’s worth a visit, no matter what country you’re from.