Two of three California drive-ins doing well

Neon Sunset signKSBY, San Luis Obispo’s news leader, aired a fairly lengthy report about the state of several of its nearby drive-in theaters. I would have loved to embed it here, but the pre-roll commercial auto-starts and then the player never loads the actual video, so it’s in turn annoying and useless. I had to dig around to find one page where the news report actually plays. At least once, while I was there. But I digress.

Oddly, the story leads with the former Lompoc Valley Drive-In, now the Drive-In Recycling Center, though the faded screen/sign is still there. On the other hand, the HiWay in Santa Maria and the Sunset in San Luis Obispo are still going strong. “Both will convert to digital before the year is out,” the report says.

Although the video never loaded for me on the report’s text page, you can read more about it there. For a local station, it’s a pretty comprehensive look at regional drive-ins. Just don’t click the video links there, unless you’re luckier than me.