Glen Drive-In looks to recoup its digital costs

The Glens Falls (NY) Post-Star ran a very nice, very long article about the Glen Drive-In (Queensbury) and its efforts to recoup the money it spent for new digital projectors.

Unlike a lot of these local conversion articles, this one had lengthy quotes from John Vincent, president of the United Drive-In Theater Owners Association. “Film has been around for 100 years, and truth be told, it’s a very intense use of plastics,” Vincent said. “Each copy of a movie for a theater in 35 mm is about two miles of film. So, I’m actually quite surprised that it lasted 100 years, and particularly, I’m surprised it’s lasted the last 10 years.”

The Glen has also joined nine indoor theaters in the area for a general fundraiser to finance the digital conversion. The Andirondack North County Association and the Adirondack Film Society are launching the “Go Digital or Go Dark” campaign at

The Post-Star article has so much more inside it, and it includes five photos, including a cool projection of a digital test pattern. You really should go check it out!