Peoria drive-in returns for second season

If you remember way back in September, we talked about the Landmark Cinemas in Peoria IL. It’s an unremarkable indoor movie house, but it had the great idea to add a seasonal drive-in to its overflow parking lot. (Which means that even during its busiest times of the week, it needs something better to do with that lot. But I digress.) Now comes the good news from the Peoria Journal Star that this permanently makeshift drive-in will reopen this weekend for the summer season.

I can call it permanent because it gained a permanent permit from the city of Peoria last fall after operating for a little while with a temporary permit. I call it makeshift because, well look at the Google Street View photo from September 2011; it was just a parking lot. I doubt that it looks a whole lot better now, but feel free to take a photo of the Landmark and add it to the Carload Flickr pool so we’ll all know.

Anyway, the drive-in is starting with just weekends, but “Landmark Recreation Center general manager Bill Lanzotti said they will consider adding weekday screenings if attendance is robust.” For a couple of photos, a map, and a few more details, you really ought to read the article.