Two great Texas photo albums

Coyote Drive-In logo on woodHere’s an odd case. This past week, I’ve run across two stories about drive-ins in Texas. Each story is brief and unremarkable, but each also includes an excellent photo gallery.

Over at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, they ran a story about the soft opening of the Coyote Drive-In there. It’s wonderful news to hear about a brand-new drive-in theater, but there weren’t a lot of new details except that only about 150 cars were allowed in what will be a 1300-car, three-screen complex. But check out that album of a dozen photos, especially #2 with the downtown skyline behind the screen.

Meanwhile at the San Antonio Express-News, what’s cool is the soft opening of the sort-of drive-in at the site of the old Mission Drive-In. (I already told you why I care so much about this one.) The Express-News had a decent story about it, but what was really great was that it offered a 30-photo journey into the history of the Mission. Photo #10 matches how I remember it. Go see for yourself!

Update: The Dallas Morning News added a lengthy story about the opening of the Coyote, and it included this video. Enjoy! (Edit: I used to have the video embedded below, but the darned thing would auto-start whenever this page was loaded. Don’t ya just hate it when that happens?)Placeholder linking to video of the Coyote Drive-In