Wheel-In Motor Movie open for 60th season

Entrance to the Wheel-In Motor MovieThe Wheel-In Motor Movie (what a great name!), south of Port Townsend WA, reopened for its 60th season this week, as documented in the Peninsula Daily News.

The Wheel-In is owned by Rick Wiley, and he says that he’s “excited” about converting to digital projection next year. But even with digital, the Wheel-In won’t be showing 3D movies. “Three-D doesn’t work at drive-ins,” Wiley said. “You have the windshield blocking you, there are no walls, and you can never get the glasses back at the end of the movie.”

You really should go read this article for an interesting portrait of this third-generation drive-in owner who enjoys the hard work it takes to keep it running. According to the Peninsula Daily News, “The day before opening, (Wiley) was cutting grass, installing speakers and installing the sign that his grandfather created 60 years ago.” It makes me want to go visit soon!