Going Attractions coming to the Midway Drive-In

Midway Drive-In marqueeAs we edge closer to the 80th anniversary of the drive-in this Thursday, I wanted to be sure to mention the fine article published last week at Syracuse.com. It provides a great roundup of the nine remaining drive-ins in central New York, complete with links, street addresses, and a map that shows where to find them all. I wish more drive-in articles looked like this one.

Anyway, another focus for the article was Going Attractions, the new documentary about the history and current state of drive-ins. On June 7, the first day of the 81st year of drive-ins, director April Wright will be at the Midway Drive-In (Minetto), which plans to show it as part of a triple feature.

As Syracuse.com author Geoff Herbert put it, part of the appeal of the drive-in is that “there’s a lot more comfort inside your own car than in a crowded movie theater. People talking and texting (or making out in the aisle behind you) aren’t nearly as distracting with the windows rolled up and ample space between strangers, plus there’s no need to get out of your seat when someone else has to go to the bathroom or concession stand.” I think he gets it! So head over to Syracuse.com and read it!