Developer hopes to build Tennessee drive-in

Here’s some good news for a change. According to WSMV, Nashville’s news leader, a developer called Black Eagle Holding wants to build a new drive-in theater in Murfreesboro TN. The 28-acre site is a wooded area that includes buildings that were once part of Nashville’s original airport. You can see the group’s Facebook page here.

The nest step for Black Eagle is to get approval from the local Board of Zoning Appeals, which will hold a hearing on the question on August 14. The usual NIMBY opponents are making the usual arguments, but it sounds like Black Eagle has done its homework and lined up the personnel they need to get it passed.

So how big is this drive-in going to be? Black Eagle attorney Ted Goodman told WSMV, “We’re hoping, actually, it will be the largest single-screen drive-in theater in the United States.” The Shreveport Times quotes him as saying the planned drive-in would hold 500 cars. Uh, no, then that won’t be the largest. Just among drive-ins I’ve visited, Bengies (Middle River MD) and the Boulevard (Kansas City KS) each hold more than 500 cars.

I think we’re going to see more drive-ins built in the next decade than we saw in the last 10 years. I’ve got my reasons, which I’ll explain in a future post or two. Meanwhile, let’s be glad that someone else recognizes how fun (and profitable) a drive-in can be.