Voice of America celebrates drive-in theaters

Voice of America News ran a wonderful video feature on the Family Drive-In in Stephens City VA, using it as an example of drive-in theaters in general. VoA ran the full transcript on the page that originally hosted the video, but watching it is a lot more fun.

I guess the folks at the Family might have a point about being in the Washington DC metro area, even though Maryland’s Bengies is closer. For one thing, they got DC-based VoA to come out to do its drive-in story there. And once they got there, VoA didn’t have any problem finding patrons who also made the long drive. I’m especially glad that VoA found nearby motels that host drive-in tourists; I keep telling one of Carload’s advertisers, TripAdvisor, that there are a lot of people like that.

Most of all, I’m just grateful for another nice video snapshot of the way a drive-in looks in 2013, in this case just before digital projection. The classic black and white photos are a nice addition, too. Check it out!