Capital News Service celebrates Bengies

Colleen Wilson of the Capital News Service gave us a fine, lengthy article all about how well Bengies Drive-In (Middle River MD) is doing these days. I can’t tell what the occasion is, except that Bengies is still going strong and showing movies this late in the season. But I’m sure glad she did. Not only do we get to read that fine time capsule of owner D. Edward Vogel and Bengies in October 2013, we also get to see this YouTube video, a slideshow set to Vogel’s theatrical announcements, and a superb map that mostly accurately shows where active drive-ins still exist. (It’s easy to overlook the Comanche in Buena Vista.)

The best quote in the video is right up front. “I believe every drive-in theater takes on the personality of the owner,” Vogel said. But be sure to watch the whole thing and check out the CNS article. And remember to change your clocks for the end of Daylight Saving Time this Sunday!