Circle Drive-In adds fall football

Circle Drive-In marquee

photo by drpep from the Carload Flickr pool

The Valley Advantage of Scranton PA clued us in on a smart promotion by the Circle Drive-In of Dickson City. Since mid-September, the Circle has been showing Monday Night Football on its big screen. Attendance has been light, but I’ll bet it would beat any movies shown on a Monday night. Besides, manager Dave Castelli thinks the crowds will grow once viewers spread the word.

Castelli said that he thinks he’s the only drive-in that shows MNF, and notes that the Circle has a licensing agreement with the NFL. That’s a really important step for anyone who wants to bring in a crowd for a game anywhere outside the home, because the NFL keeps a vigilant eye on such endeavors.

The Circle is also scheduled to show a Penn State game on an alumni night Oct. 22, two days before its last MNF event of the drive-in season.

There are other special events planned for the Circle in the months to come. “We’re going to throw everything up against the wall and see what sticks,” Castelli said. “That’s what’s changing about our industry — you have to be a destination.”

For more details and a nice photo from the Valley Advantage article, you really should go read it!