Video update: Starlite still has sound problems

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Starlite Drive-In of Christiansburg VA and its problems with its neighbors. Or maybe it’s the neighbors who are having problems with the Starlite’s back-to-basics idea of providing movie sound using outdoor loudspeakers. Now there’s a new development that’s caught the attention of WSLS, Roanoke’s News Leader, and given me the opportunity to embed this video.

Starlite owner Peggy Beasley wants the Christiansburg town council to amend its noise ordinance to give the drive-in more leeway in turning up the volume outside. Neighbors oppose the idea, Starlite fans support the idea, and the town hopes that there will be some way to reach a compromise. The drive-in is closed for the season, so at least they have time to work something out.

Seriously, the Starlite just needs to keep its FM sound (shown in the news clip), then buy a few dozen cheap FM radios to rent at the concession stand. Anyone who can’t get their ignition key in the right position to watch a movie without running down their battery can just plunk down a couple bucks a show, or they’ll learn to buy and bring their own FM radio. The rental fees will pay for the radios, the neighbors will be happy again, and the drive-in could just get back to business. What do you think?