Australian drive-in to reopen for one weekend

Man and teenager in front of a drive-in screenWe don’t talk much about drive-ins from other lands because, well, it’s just too hard to drive over to most of them. But when a dead drive-in reopens, even for a while, that’s some serious good news to share.

This story is about the determination of a 12-year-old to see a drive-in movie at the old abandoned theater in his town. It’s not important that the town is Dubbo, about 240 miles northwest of Sydney, Australia. According to the Daily Liberal, young Phoenix Aubusson-Foley decided in 2015 to tell the Dubbo Youth Council to push to reopen the old Westview Drive-In, which had closed in 1984. The DYC endorsed the idea, then got the Dubbo Regional Council on board, and this April will see a real projector flinging movies at the screen for the first time in almost 33 years.

The reopening is only scheduled for one weekend as part of a National Youth Week Program, but I’m thinking that once folks around there see what fun it is, they’ll figure out ways to have more and more weekends until the Westview reopens for good. I will admit that they need to fix the sign.

There are a lot more heart-warming details, a better version of the photo I thumbnailed here, and links to more stories about that drive-in’s history. You know you need to go check it out!