Video: TV’s Riverdale Uses BC’s Twilight

Full drive-in theater lot watching a movie, with CW logo

Riverdale screen grab via

The CW TV network recently launched Riverdale, a series based on the classic Archie comics’ characters. One of its early story lines revolved around a drive-in theater, and the Langley Times had a great article about how the Twilight Drive-In Theatre in Aldergrove, British Columbia, became the place where Jughead worked. There’s even a nice couple of minutes of video (MP4) showing the Twilight’s digital projection system that Riverdale’s drive-in doesn’t use.

The Times article, and the video, features Jay Daulat, the Twilight’s owner and projectionist. The Riverdale production team dropped in for two weeknights in October 2016, and Daulat ran the old film projector so scenes from Rebel Without A Cause could appear on the drive-in screen. He was happy that Riverdale kept the Twilight name. “That gave us that added exposure,” Daulat said.

Daulat’s son Vijay, who also works at the drive-in, said he was bombarded by texts after the episode aired. “They said, ‘Do you know the drive-in was on Riverdale?’ Well… yeah! Of course I do,” Vijay said. “They didn’t change anything. The first scene was our sign outside, as is.”

The Times article has much more about Daulat’s drive-in history, the other movies and TV shows that have featured the Twilight, and even a couple of nice photos, so you know you really should go read it!