April 1: Bourbon Drive-In Theatre, Paris KY

It’s Day 91 of my virtual Drive-In-a-Day Odyssey, the start of the second quarter. It started out easy, just a half-hour drive from Mount Sterling to the Bourbon Drive-In Theatre in Paris KY. It’s the last of my stops in Kentucky for this trip.

The Bourbon opened in July 1956 and has been managed or owned by the Earlywine family since then. Everett and Helen Earlywine purchased the drive-in in 1974, then Larry and Patricia Earlywine bought it in 1994. In a region where drive-ins have come and gone far too often, it’s nice to have a steady, dependable story like the Bourbon.

In 2013, the Lexington Herald-Leader ran a nice story (with almost two dozen photos) about the Bourbon. “You’ve got three or four generations of people, they started out with their babies, then they are teens and next those babies are bringing their babies to the movie,” said Trisha Earlywine. At the time, they were concerned about finding the money to switch to a digital projector. “It will be OK. That’s my tagline,” she said, and events proved her right again.

I was so glad to get a second drive-in night in a row that I didn’t mind watching the Kong: Skull Island a fourth time.

Miles Today / Total:  18 / 10199 (rounded to the nearest mile)

Movie Showing / Total Active Nights: Kong: Skull Island / 46

Nearby Restaurant: As mentioned below, there’s some possible historical significance to the site of the Paradise Cafe downtown. With a name and a setting like that, the biggest surprise is the amazing Asian cuisine they offer.

Where I Virtually Stayed: That would be the Best Western Paris Inn, since it’s about the only hotel in town. The room was comfortable and clean. There was some fruit available in the morning with a nice continental breakfast. I wish that every “only hotel in town” was as good as this one.

Only in Paris: The Shinner Building, located on the corner of 8th and Main Street, is listed by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! as the world’s tallest three-story structure. Built in 1891, it’s been used for commercial space and restaurants is currently home to the Paradise Cafe.

Next Stop: Georgetown Drive-In, Georgetown IN.