Sept. 11: Brackley Drive In, Brackley Beach PE

It’s Day 254 of my virtual Drive-In-a-Day Odyssey. I had another four-hour drive, this time from Paquetville NB across the Confederation Bridge to the Brackley Drive In in Brackley Beach on Prince Edward Island.

The Brackley’s Our Story page says that the drive-in started as the Parkview in the “mid-1950s”. But none of my reference books from the 1950s made note of the Parkview even though they noticed the North River nearby. From at least 1963 through at least 1976 the Parkview was there, battling the North River and at least two other drive-ins to attract patrons on the small island. Eventually, they all closed.

Returning to Our Story, “In 1992, George, Linda and Robert Boyle of Winsloe, PEI purchased the drive-in and lovingly restored it to its original condition.” It’s currently owned and operated by Bob and Marcie Boyle.

Bob was interviewed just this August by the CBC after a lightning strike damaged the projection equipment a few days earlier. He and a technician thought at first it would be a simple fix, but it eventually turned out that everything that was connected to the internet at the time was damaged. “It just seemed day after day there was something new,” Boyle said. It was frustrating for a while, but everything got back to normal soon enough.

On my virtual visit, I just missed the busiest weekend of the year as It and Annabelle: Creation played to sold-out crowds. I’ll also miss the Halloween-like Trunk or Treat weekends that are coming up later in the season. On a Monday in September, I’m just glad to have such a lovely beach to experience.

Miles Today / Total: 221 / 29499 (rounded to the nearest mile)

Movie Showing / Total Active Nights: dark / 163

Nearby Restaurant: Richard’s Fresh Seafood is a local living legend. The lobster rolls are huge and, unlike a lot of places, packed with lobster meat. Mine came with fries and the unavoidable cole slaw, but a blueberry ale from the local Gahan Brewery washed down any objections I might have had.

Where I Virtually Stayed: The Brackley Country Inn is adjacent to the drive-in; you can’t get any closer than that. My room had everything I needed except maybe a movie playing in its back yard on a Monday night.

Only in Brackley Beach: Prince Edward Island National Park is the beach in Brackley Beach. There are rolling hills, dunes, a small lighthouse, and acres of open ground just right for getting away from it all.

Next stop: Valley Drive In, Cambridge NS.