Video: Goochland Gets A Logo On I-64

Thanks to a friend in the Virginia state legislature, Goochland Drive-In Theater will have its logo placed on an “Attractions” sign on Interstate 64, according to a report yesterday by WTVR, Richmond’s News Leader.

Owner John Heidel had been trying for eight years to get on the official highway sign since out-of-state visitors “routinely drive past exit 152.” The Virginia Department of Transportation has a policy against movie theaters on interstate attraction signs.

This year, after a request from Heidel, state delegate John McGuire submitted a bill to exempt drive-ins from that policy. WTVR reported, “However, before the legislation went to a committee, McGuire set up a meeting with Heidel and state representatives who regulate the interstate signs. Following the meeting, VDOT said they would allow Goochland Drive-In to put their logo on the sign and McGuire withdrew the bill.”

Maybe that wouldn’t make sense for urban drive-ins, but many others are true tourist attractions. It would be great to see more mentions on the interstate, both to direct the rookies and to tell the unaware what a great opportunity they have to experience some live Americana.