Video: Starlite Returns To Carload Pricing

Yesterday afternoon’s Wichita Eagle had good news for drive-in fans there. After a year of selling tickets per person, the Starlite Drive-In Theatre will return to carload pricing during the spring and fall seasons. The Starlite is scheduled to reopen on the first weekend of March.

Owner Chuck Bucinski had switched to selling individual tickets because movie studios wanted it that way. He’ll still be doing that during the summer months, but otherwise it’ll cost $13 per carload for whatever’s showing, though the selection may be affected by the pricing model. “There will be a few studios while on carload pricing we won’t be able to show their movies right when they get released,” Bucinski said.

That’s the whole story, and I’m happy to share it with you. Not only does it give me the opportunity to repeatedly type “carload,” it also includes a very nice little video from the Eagle. It should bring a smile to your face as you wait for full drive-in season to return.