Greenville NY Hosts All-Electric Night

Greenwood Drive-In screen with mountain background at sunset

Photo from the Greenwood Drive-In Facebook page

In upstate New York, the Capital District Electric Vehicle Drivers group organized what it believes to be the first all-electric car drive-in night on August 28. They held it at the Greenville Drive-In Outdoor Cinema, in Greenville of course, on what would have been an idle Tuesday night for the theater.

Michael Kamm wrote about organizing the effort in a guest post on Green Car Reports, and the story is as much about putting together any special night at a drive-in as it is about the special challenges of doing so with electric cars. “(Co-owner Dwight) Grimm wasn’t too keen on that idea at first and I had to talk him into it,” Kamm wrote. (There are probably also advantages to taking an electric vehicle to the drive-in, but I couldn’t find any in Kamm’s report.) The movie they watched, ironically no doubt, was the 2006 documentary Who Killed the Electric Car?; I think the filmmaker’s 2011 sequel Revenge of the Electric Car would have been better. That title even sounds like a drive-in movie. But I digress.

Another great part of the guest post is the way it fleshed out how the Greenville looks these days, something I could only guess at when I made my virtual visit there last November. “One of the unique features of this drive-in is its beer garden,” Kamm wrote. “Actually, it is much more than that. Dwight is a great bartender and can make some truly amazing cocktails, often from locally grown and produced ingredients.”

For many more details and a nice set of August 2018 photos of the Greenwood, you really ought to go read it.