Video: Sauerbeck Announces Screen Rebuilding

Here’s a short post about (and including) a short video. According to WHAS, Louisville KY’s News Leader, the Sauerbeck Family Drive-In in La Grange plans to rebuild the screen that blew down last month, just weeks after the place opened. You’ll also want to watch it for the drone footage of the collapse.

According to a post on the drive-in’s Facebook page, the new screen structure “has been redesigned from the ground up”. That sounds important, because reports suggest that the screen-killing storm wasn’t all that severe. Another advantage of the new screen, according to that post is that it “will have a new ‘face’ that will provide much better picture clarity.”

The Sauerbeck web site still says that the drive-in will be closed until further notice, but the Facebook post sounds more hopeful. It says they’ll reopen “as soon as possible” and mentions hope for a warm Thanksgiving. I’m hoping that however long it takes, the new screen will be built to last for years instead of weeks.