Roadium Reopens After 30 Years As Flea Market

Roadium Drive-In marquee
Photo from the Roadium Facebook page

For the second consecutive summer, the vintage Roadium Drive-In is transforming from an open-air market back to a drive-in on Friday evenings. And for the first time, I noticed it, thanks to a helpful article in the Daily Breeze of Southern California.

The Roadium is a classic single-screen drive-in, opened in May 1949 at the beginning of the first ozoner wave. Housing was sparse in the region at the start, but as so often happened, neighborhoods grew and expanded to the drive-in’s borders by the early 1960s. The Roadium added a flea market years later, including a separate parking area by 1980. Soon enough, the drive-in stopped showing movies and the flea market stayed open every day. Thank goodness they never took down the screen.

Today it’s open again once a week for movies the way they used to be, with the bonus that once a month the In-N-Out food truck is also available there. Admission is just $20 per Carload, and $15 of that goes to charity. For more details, check out Eventbrite.