Russian drive-in looking to add realism

The Cathedral of Stephen of Perm in Skytyvkar

The Cathedral of Stephen of Perm in Skytyvkar. Because I couldn’t find a picture of the drive-in there. Photo by Jlesnik.

From the Russian news network Russia Today comes the second- or third-hand story of an unnamed drive-in cinema in Syktyvkar, the capital of the Republic of Komi.

According to RT, the owner of the theater wants to hire someone to appear in person behind your car window during the scariest parts of horror movies. It doesn’t mention whether this actor would need to know some self-defense tactics.

“The position is not very typical and requires acting experience, as well as physical and psychological stamina,” the drive-in manager told the local media, reported by Interfax.

The RT article concludes by saying that apparently the Interfax article doesn’t mention whether theater-goers will be told in advance about the boogeyman who will help complete their scary experience. I don’t usually like to mention such a loosely sourced, possibly bogus story, but it’s fun to think about, and hey, it’s also the only evidence I can find that Syktyvkar even has a drive-in. Happy Monday!