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Now Open
Holiday Twin, Fort Collins, CO
Star, Montrose, CO
Mesa, Pueblo, CO
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Closed for the Season
Comanche, Buena Vista, CO
88, Commerce City, CO
TruVu, Delta, CO
Star, Monte Vista, CO
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7 thoughts on “Colorado Drive-Ins

  1. When do the drive ins usually open for the season? And why isn’t the Movie Manor not listed as a Colorado Drive in?

    • The Movie Manor is the nifty motel facing Screen 1 of the Star Drive-In of Monte Vista. (You can also watch Screen 2 from some rooms if you twist around a little.) Opening Day varies widely, but it’s typically in the range of late March to early May. The Mesa’s Opening Day for 2013 is March 22, for example.

  2. I was wondering if anyone can help me find out the names of the 5 Drive Ins that used to be in Colorado Springs?

    • In the 1955-56 Theatre Catalog, for Colorado Springs it listed the Arcadia (sic), the 8th Street, the Northside, and the Starlite. (When I visited the Aircadia in 1994, across East Platte Avenue from the Citadel Mall, it was the last one left in the Springs.) Another web site also mentions the Vista Vu, Sky Vu, and Falcon. Somewhere in all those names, you’ll probably find the five you’re looking for.

    • Vista Vu in Security, Sky Vu on 21st Street, the 8th Street on 8th Street, the Aircadia on Platte, the Falcon up somewhere around Barnes, and I have heard stories of a Drive-in on North Cascade that is now a trailer park but don’t know anything about it personally.

  3. I am getting ready to post to a friend on Facebook who is crazy about Star Wars. I was much more interested in Kirk n Spock back in the day and so, much to my friend’s dismay, didn’t end up seeing Luke S. until he hit the drive in, and, as I recall, I went that night for the OTHER movie … Lol. I am somewhat a local historian as my family 1st moved to Colorado Springs in 1895 and ALL of us grew up and went through school here … I graduated from the now retired (VERY SAD) Roy J. Wasson High School in 1972, so drive in movies were a HUGE part of our entertainment fare … I have always though had a difficult time remembering the name of ONE of those theaters … Thank You Tara for refreshing my memory with that name, The Falcon drive in, where I 1st saw Star Wars ! The Falcon was also located on Platte Ave., just to the East of Murray on the North side of Platte. It was torn down to make room for a new Hugh M. Woods store which later went through many different uses and still stands on the site today. This is on the East end of a large parking lot that once had a King Sooper’s and still is the home of a branch of the PPLD … Of further related interest, I saw the last movies shown at the Aircadia Drive in which was the last drive in in the Springs (the Vista View being in Security) before it was demolished to make room to build the Walmart which currently “Lives” on the site. I can only remember one of the movies from that night probably because it was SO BAD ! I think there were 3 movies that night, but the stand out … almost as bad as the “Germer’s” commercials, LOL, was “Corvette Summer” … certainly a FORGETTABLE FLICK … but guess it’ll be with me forever now … CURSES !!!

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