TruVu, Delta

Important Update

Carload’s page for this drive-in has moved. Please click here for the latest information.

Tru Vu Drive-In marquee1001 Highway 92
Delta, CO 81416
(970) 874-9556
Official theater web page

Closed for the season

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5 thoughts on “TruVu, Delta

  1. Michelle Barchitta


    I hope this email find you well.

    I am interested in renting out your drive-in theater for a date in August. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. My email is (edited) and my phone number is (edited).

    Thank you!

    Michelle Barchitta

    • mrdrivein

      Thanks for writing, Michelle, but Carload just tries to keep track of what’s going on; we don’t own or run any drive-ins.

      The folks who run the TruVu appear to be the same ones who run the Delta’s Egyptian Theatre, an indoor movie house I really want to visit one day. Its phone number is 970-874-9770.

  2. Michelle Barchitta

    Can you please remove the previous message from me on your website (didn’t realize it would be public, and appear on google searches under my name- it has my phone number in it) .

    Thank you!

  3. brenda jones

    when do you open the delta drive in is it April or may

  4. What movie(s) is/are playing Wednesday, July 15?

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