Joe Bob Briggs

Important Update

Carload’s Joe Bob Briggs page has moved. Please click here for the latest on drive-in etiquette.

Joe Bob BriggsA long-time friend of drive-ins in general and Carload in particular is Joe Bob Briggs, America’s foremost drive-in movie critic. You should drop by his web site to find some darned good writing.

A few years ago, Joe Bob graciously allowed Carload to reprint his Guide to Impeccable Drive-In Etiquette. While we await his renewed permission to continue to run it here, you can read an illustrated version at Joe Bob’s site.

I also strongly encourage you to get a solid grounding in Joe Bob’s drive-in philosophy by purchasing his collected works. Start with Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In, then continue with Joe Bob Goes Back to the Drive-In. (Note that Joe Bob follows one of his own rules: “If you’re going to make a sequel, do it right and make the same damn movie all over again.”) For further reading, check the other books at Amazon’s Joe Bob Briggs page.

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