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Important Update

Carload’s page for active drive-ins has moved. Please click here for the latest information.

Frontier Drive-In marqueeAlthough Carload began by supporting fans of Colorado drive-in theaters, other states also deserve this service.

On each drive-in page, you’ll find:

  • Its full address
  • Its phone number
  • A link to its official web site (if any)
  • The local sunset time, and a link to a full local weather forecast
  • A link to impartial reviews of nearby hotels
  • And a full Google map showing exactly where to find it.

Here are the states Carload supports so far:


3 thoughts on “Other Drive-Ins

  1. I’ve always loved your website but am terribly disappointed in how you have excluded the Comanche Drive In (Buena Vista,CO) all summer and how countless emails from myself, thr owners & management and the community have gone unresponded to and ignored. The Comanche has been open all summer and doing fundraising efforts to pay for much needed repairs and improvements by bringing countless classics back to the big (outdoor) screen on 35mm film. It is even still open and showing “Vertigo” as I write this. Please remember the huge responsibility you have as the webmaster of a website like this and how much you can hurt a struggling, historic theater by leading people to believe it is closed, as you have all summer. PLEASE CORRECT THIS ASAP!

    • Hi Anthony! Thanks so much for writing!

      I am pleasantly stunned by the news that the Comanche is operating again. When I called them in April this year, I got the standard “closed” response, which was the same as it had been for years. After that, I had little reason for optimism. How nice that I was wrong this year!

      I have whipped up a fresh page for the Comanche, and I’ll post a note about this on the front page as well. Thanks again for letting me know.

  2. The only drive-in I am familair with in the NY/NJ area is in Warwick NY. This place is a hidden gem, and the only remaining place that I can take my family to experience a drive-in. We have an outdoor setup at our house which is great, but of course it lacks the classic essense of the drive-in.

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