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Mission Statement
Expect something profound here some day. (Then again, it’s been over a decade, so maybe not.) For now, let me just say that I love drive-ins, and I’m hosting this site as one small bit of help to keeping them alive.

Once upon a time, in a land far away, I found myself wondering what drive-ins still existed around me, and what was showing there. (For more details, read this post.) Even now, those are questions that are hard to find answers for on the Net. Here, for the drive-ins that I cover, I organize the contact information and make the weekly calls so you don’t have to. I hope that this site helps you find the movie you want in the best possible setting — at the drive-in!

Terms and Conditions
Carload.com is presented to you as-is. (Good thing it’s free!) Some of the information of this site is wrong. Plan accordingly. While you’re here, have fun, but behave yourself.

Copyright and Trademark Notice
All of the content on Carload.com is copyrighted unless otherwise noted. Some promotional photos used to illustrate news stories are property of their copyright owners. Press releases are the property of their owners, of course. All trademarks mentioned or depicted on Carload are the property of their owners, and I’ll bet you already knew that.

Nothing on this site should be construed as granting a license or right to use any photograph, drawing, or trademark displayed on this site, without the written permission of its owner. If you know about intellectual property rights and rules, you know how this works. If you don’t, then you really need to learn about it before you post other folks’ stuff.

Having said all that, if you want to reuse something you found on Carload, please drop me a line. Unless it belongs to someone else, we can probably work it out.

Linking Policy
Wow, web sites sure have a lot of policies these days, don’t they? It’s my understanding that I can’t legally prevent anyone from linking to any page here. If that’s the case, it would seem pretty silly to give permission to do something that doesn’t require permission.

Carload links to a lot of sites, typically with the idea that doing so is helpful to the reader. But those linked sites can change, so if you find a link that’s broken or now leads to something awful, please let me know so I can fix it.

Privacy Policy
You don’t have to provide any personal information to read anything on this site. If you want to leave a comment, you’ll need to provide a name and email address. That name, plus an optional link to your web site, will be visible to anyone who reads your comment. Carload will never lend, sell, or disclose your email address to anyone unless somebody makes me do so. (Think subpoena.)

Note that you must be at least 13 years old to leave a comment, per COPPA. If you’re less than 13, I congratulate your inquisitiveness but please submit any comments through your parent or guardian, okay?

Carload is free to use, in case you hadn’t noticed. Advertising pays the bills. Some advertisers may use cookies to keep track of when you visit here, then go buy something based on an ad you see here. (Woohoo! Another 23 cents towards the hosting bill!) As far as I know, those cookies are harmless. If you run into any problems with them, please let me know so I can check into it.

Carload’s background image, “Seamless on the night theme,” is © D.Mero / Depositphotos.com

3 thoughts on “About / Privacy

  1. I recently noticed you (or someone from Carload) adopted a bus stop I frequent on the 46 route on Dahlia and Yale Ave. I hope to see the bushy weeds over the sidewalk yanked soon. Thanks!

    • Ah Dear Becky, the story of that bus stop is a sad tale.

      Many, many years ago, there was a bench and a trash can at that bus stop. In the spirit of civic-mindedness, I adopted the stop and put Carload as the sponsor. For a few weeks, I diligently emptied the trash. Then one day, not so long after adoption, the bench just vanished. I thought this was a poor reflection on my sponsorship, but when I called, the harried woman who was in charge of the program railed against her budget cutbacks and was entirely unsympathetic to my perspective. Soon after that call, the trash can also disappeared.

      Inertia is a powerful force. It’s been at least a decade since the RTD and I parted ways, but no one has bothered to remove that sponsorship sign. You can go to Denver’s government web site, to the 311 section http://www.denvergov.org/apps4/311 and report a problem with “Streets, Traffic and Sidewalks”. I suppose you could also check with RTD, but I’ll bet they’ll be too understaffed to help. Sorry.

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