Manitoba drive-ins raising money for conversion

Big Island Drive-InThe Winnipeg Free Press ran an article over the weekend about two drive-ins in Manitoba that are struggling to find the cash to buy digital projection equipment. The┬áStardust (Morden) and Shamrock (Killarney) both face an uncertain future as they go into the off-season without the right stuff to reopen in the spring. And it suggests that the Big Island (Flin Flon) just isn’t coming back next year.

The article includes a couple of okay photos, but it excels in its quotes from the business people facing the odd situation of asking the community to donate so they can continue to make a profit. (Hey, it works all the time when pro sports teams need a new stadium. But I digress.)

“Meanwhile, the sign where movie titles normally go outside the Shamrock theatre now reads, ‘Closed Until Digital.'” Check it out.

photo by: noricum

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