Someone is filming a documentary at Southington

Old map of Southington CTAccording to The Record-Journal of Meriden CT, a film crew is going to be filming a documentary in late October at the Southington (CT) Drive-In. More about that film crew in a moment.

The history of the Southington is a great story, especially considering the number of drive-ins that face hostile, not supportive neighbors. I can’t write it better than the RJ did: “The drive-in opened in 1955 and closed in 2002. Two years later, the town purchased the property to preserve the site. In 2010, the Southington Drive-In Committee was formed and worked to re-open the drive-in.”

During the upcoming Halloween Festival at the drive-in, folks from Enormity Pictures will be filming and interviewing for its new TV series, “The American Drive-In.” Sounds like a great show, if it ever makes it to the screen. The article says the producer doesn’t have a commitment to air, or any particular channel to air it. Enormity Pictures has a light footprint on the internet, and its move to crowdsource (pdf) some of the editing on a movie last year leaves me skeptical about its ability to land a big deal. Here’s hoping, I guess.