Texans wax nostalgic at the Brazos

Granbury Opera House Texas plaqueThe San Antonio News-Express had a lovely, nostalgic puff piece about the Brazos Drive-In (Granbury TX) in its Sunday edition. I find it ironic that they had to go out of town to experience the fun of a drive-in movie; one of my favorite memories was of the Mission in San Antonio. I sat there watching the movie with a true Spanish mission’s bell tower off to one side. Between shows, the crowd would erupt with music (from the cars, not the theater sound system). It was great fun, but I digress.

There aren’t any active drive-ins left in San Antonio, but Granbury’s is still thriving. The rest of the article includes some fine photos and a few bits of interesting info. “Two Texas drive-ins show sexually explicit films.” Huh, what?