Northside reopens in Fort Myers

Fort Myers beachWINK TV, the news leader in Fort Myers (FL), ran a story this morning about the reopening of the Northside Flea Market and Drive In (no hyphen?!) in North Fort Myers. It’s a decent little early-morning video, and it’s a pity that I can’t embed it here so more folks would see it.

The old Northside Drive-In had been closed for a few years, maybe since 2007. The folks there now say they’re doing restoration work with a new screen coming in early 2013. What I think is the most brilliant part of their plan is adding a full-time 50s diner serving breakfast and lunch. With distributors taking most of the money from admission tickets, drive-ins live on their restaurants. It’s great to see another drive-in embrace its restaurant and use its resources for more than movietime munchies. Good luck!